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PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification Exam Training

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5 Days

The project management framework, basic concepts of project management, what is PMI, and what message does PMI send to the world? What are the internal and external environments that affect project management? How should a project manager behave? Which tools and techniques are used? PMP training is a detailed education on these and similar topics.

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    About the Program

    What is a project management system, basic project management concepts, what is PMI, who is PMI, and what messages does PMI convey to the world? Which internal and external conditions affect project management? PMI is an education program that covers the standard project management guide, which adheres to the PMBOK book and remains within the PMI perspective, after discussing how the reality of the world we are in has affected project management.

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    What will you learn in this program?

    What is project management? What are the basic concepts of project management? The main process groups of a project are the sub-process groups. All of the knowledge areas of project management are explained in detail in the PMBOK6 knowledge areas. How should project managers behave? This is an education that explains in detail which tools and techniques will be used, how project management will be carried out in an agile environment, and what project management adaptations are, while also covering all of these topics. In addition, the innovations brought by PMBOK 7, courses, and new trends in project management also add this perspective to the education. This education carries traces from both PMBOK 6 and PMBOK 7.

    PMBOK 7
    Project Management

    Skills you will gain in this program

    Project management in an agile environment involves the implementation and utilization of tools and techniques used by project managers.

    Project Management
    Project Manager

    Who should attend?

    This course can be taken by individuals who want to pursue a career path in professional project management and aim to obtain a PMP certification. The reason for this is that this qualification is seen as a milestone in your career and provides you with global recognition and reliability in project management.


    After successfully completing the program, You will receive a Training Participation Certificate for the PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification Exam upon successfully completing the program.


    PMP Certification Exam Training

    You can find the participants' experiences regarding the "PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification Exam Training" conducted by Projera in collaboration with Kuveyt Turk in this video.

    Mustafa Eren

    Software Development Department / Team Leader

    Hasan Işıkdoğan

    Strategic Project Manager


    PMP Certification Exam Training

    You can find the participants' experiences regarding the "PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification Exam Training" conducted by Projera in collaboration with Kuveyt Turk in this video.

    Esma Tezcan

    Strategic Program Management Office / Portfolio Manager

    Program scope

    Project Management

    Project Management Framework

    Project Management Principles

    Project Management in Agile Environment

    Performance Areas of Project Management

    Knowledge Areas of Project Management

    Adaptation of Project Management

    Techniques and Methods Used in Project Management

    Hybrid Project Management

    Project Management Processes


    Dinçer Özturan

    Enterprise Transformation Expert & Agile Coach | CEO

    He is one of Turkey's leading corporate agile transformation design consultants." He is recognized for effectively blending traditional approach with lean & agile philosophy, ranging from strategic management to operational processes. His deep focus on human and organizational behavior and rich IT knowledge and experience create a difference in strengthening digital transformation programs with high-performance teams.

    Engin Deniz,Phd

    Enterprise Transformation Expert & Agile Coach | Division Head

    In addition to academic studies, he has been serving in Consumer Electronics, Defense Industry and Finance sectors for over 16 years, and can easily transfer the national and international experiences gained in every field of project management to the teams he works with thanks to his high communication skills. Transformation projects and strategic planning are his areas of expertise. He/She creates a difference in directing productivity, efficiency and capability correctly. He places importance on managing customer expectations.

    Göksenin Kurtar

    Enterprise Transformation Expert & Agile Coach

    In 2004, he obtained the PMP certification and stepped into project management. He has provided training on project management at leading institutions in Turkey and has served professionally in the field. Since 2009, he has been involved in setting up more than 50 teams as an Agile Coach. He led the agile transformation of organizations.

    PSM . PSPO . PAL

    Project Management Professional
    Certification Exam Training

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    PMP is a project management certification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). PMP certification is a globally recognized standard in the field of project management.

    In order to acquire a PMP certification, it is necessary to fulfill the criteria established by PMI and successfully pass the PMP examination. PMI provides many resources for the PMP exam, but the most common one is the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge).

    PMP training enables you to enhance your project management skills and learn the knowledge and abilities required for PMP certification. Moreover, it is also necessary to understand the PMBOK, which is a globally recognized standard in the field of project management.

    PMP training can be obtained from an educational institution or through online resources offered by PMI. The training usually lasts for 4-5 days and may culminate in an exam.

    The PMP exam is a difficult test because it requires a deep understanding of project management concepts. However, attending PMP training and preparing well is important to pass the exam successfully.

    The PMP exam is conducted online and consists of 200 questions within 4 hours. A score of 141 or higher is required in the exam.

    PMP certification can be suitable for anyone working in the field of project management. This includes project managers, project management consultants, project management trainers, and other project management professionals.

    Obtaining PMP certification can take anywhere from a few months to a year, depending on completing the requirements, attending PMP training, and passing the exam.

    Why Projera?

    The content and presentation of this training have been designed based on the unique experiences of our consultants who have more than 15 years of market experience in agile work systems, as well as the broad range of corporate realities gained from consultancy services provided to leading institutions in their own sector in Turkey for 15 years.

    Suitable for Every Sector

    Real-life applications

    Application-oriented & Practical

    We customize our courses to meet the needs of individuals and organizations, aside from the standard approach to education.



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