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PAL (Professional Agile Leadership) Certification Exam Training

PAL Certification Preparation Training

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In the Agile world, developing a deep understanding of how leaders and managers should lead in Scrum and Kanban-based organizations is critical to creating the necessary conditions for a successful Agile environment. This program helps you improve your understanding of the leader's role through both theoretical concepts and real-life examples, by learning Agile practices using Scrum and Agile frameworks.

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    About the Program

    In the Agile world, leaders and managers of Scrum and Kanban-based organizations must have a deep understanding of how to lead in Agile methodologies. This program is designed to help leaders fully understand their role and create the necessary conditions for a successful Agile environment.

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    What will you learn in this program?

    To motivate and guide people, remove obstacles, and continuously improve the organization, this program provides knowledge and expertise on agile theory and examples of agile practice using Scrum, Kanban, and Agile frameworks.


    Skills you will gain in this program

    With this program, you will learn the necessary skills to cope with the challenges and obstacles encountered in the Agile transformation process. Additionally, you will also gain an understanding of the benefits of measuring agility and the skills used to measure agility in organizations.

    Agile Transformation
    Measuring Agility

    Who should attend?

    This program is recommended for individuals who have previously held managerial positions, as well as those currently in managerial positions and individuals in leadership positions who are not managers. Additionally, anyone who wants to improve their leadership skills and ability to influence people in organizations would benefit from participating in this program.


    After successfully completing the program, You will receive a Training Attendance Certificate for the PAL (Professional Agile Leadership) Certification Exam.

    Program scope

    Agile Leadership






    Dinçer Özturan

    Enterprise Transformation Expert & Agile Coach | CEO

    He is one of Turkey's leading corporate agile transformation design consultants." He is recognized for effectively blending traditional approach with lean & agile philosophy, ranging from strategic management to operational processes. His deep focus on human and organizational behavior and rich IT knowledge and experience create a difference in strengthening digital transformation programs with high-performance teams.

    Professional Agile Leadership
    Certification Exam Training

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    Professional Agile Leadership (PAL) is a certification program aimed at training leaders with a deep understanding of Agile leadership.

    PAL certification demonstrates that a leader has a deep understanding of Agile principles and practices. This means that a leader can identify the right direction while managing an Agile team and can increase the team's productivity.

    To obtain PAL certification, it is necessary to attend a PAL course at an educational institution and pass the exam. Resources provided by organizations such as are generally used for educational institutions and exams.

    "The PAL exam is usually in the form of an online test and there are 36 questions in the exam. In the exam, it is necessary to score 68 or higher out of 85 points.

    The PAL exam is a challenging exam as it requires a deep understanding of Agile leadership. However, attending the PAL course and preparing well is important to pass the exam successfully.

    PAL certification can be suitable for Agile leaders, project managers, executives, senior managers, and anyone, but primarily they need to have an understanding of Agile management principles.

    To obtain PAL certification, it is necessary to attend a PAL course and pass the exam. Depending on the duration of the course and exam preparation, obtaining PAL certification can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

    Why Projera?

    The content and presentation of this training have been designed based on the unique experiences of our consultants who have more than 15 years of market experience in agile work systems, as well as the broad range of corporate realities gained from consultancy services provided to leading institutions in their own sector in Turkey for 15 years.

    Suitable for Every Sector

    Real-life applications

    Application-oriented & Practical

    We customize our courses to meet the needs of individuals and organizations, aside from the standard approach to education.



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